PVC Sheeting

Our PVC sheeting offers versatile protection solutions, allowing you to create barriers of various shapes and sizes to safeguard individuals and surfaces in diverse environments. From sales counters and reception desks to hospital partitions and office enclosures, our PVC sheeting serves a wide array of purposes.

Available in a range of thicknesses, from 1mm fine vinyl to robust 7mm thickness, our PVC sheeting ensures you can tailor your protection needs to specific requirements with ease. The 1mm is the ideal solution for your tent, patio roof, marquee, boat awning, canopy, car, yacht, or to create partitions. Fine vinyl is the preferred for its high transparency, durability and UV resistance.

All our flexible vinyl is exclusively made of non-phthalate plasticisers for maximum safety of people and environment.

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PVC Sheeting

Sizes available per meter:
• 1000mm x 7mm
• 1200mm x 3mm
• 1200mm x 5mm
• 1200mm x 7mm
• 1400mm x 1mm
• 1500mm x 3mm
• 1500mm x 5mm

PVC Sheeting