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Professional Advice

There is much to consider when choosing entrance solutions for your business. With over 25 years' experience we are happy to advise.

Customer satisfaction is our top priority so we make it our responsibility to understand your requirements. We are fully aware that our products are utilised in critical areas and understand just how important it is that our door solutions are cost effective, solid, tough, resilient and reliable in order to deliver low operating expenses and extended operational life irrespective of how stringent the conditions.

Ours sales team will advise the correct door solution to best suit your budget, industry as well as the design of your building. Contact our sales team for expert knowledge in how to optimize your entrances for the perfect flow of people, goods and vehicles in your facilities.



The best quality products and service throughout South Africa, with branches in Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban, and Port Elizabeth.

Maxiflex’ extensive customer portfolio spans a wide spectrum of industries across the Southern African region including Botswana, Mozambique and Namibia and includes blue-chip companies within the automotive manufacturing, food and beverage, hospitality, pharmaceutical and mining sectors.


Service and Maintenance

A steady flow of people, goods and services through your entrances every day is a sign of a healthy business, but heavy traffic also puts your doors under pressure. Every little component is working overtime to keep them running and issues are more likely to occur.

With local presence and operations in your area, Maxiflex has specialised service technicians on call to help you take care of your service needs, so you can focus on business. We keep stock of original parts for our products, therefore a breakdown can be seen to quickly, keeping your downtime to a minimum.

Irrespective of industry, regular and preventative maintenance are fundamental to sustaining top performance of your door and docking systems, keeping energy losses to a minimum to help make your business more sustainable. “Excellence in product support, service and after-sales service go hand-in-hand with building long-term customer partnerships. Our countrywide branch network is backed by teams of highly trained and skilled service technicians and we offer, on-call, 24/7 service to render quick and effective assistance to ensure minimum disruption to our customers’ uptime.”

Why Service and Maintenance Matters

Keep It All Running Smoothly

Your industrial doors and loading dock equipment provide a valuable service to the daily operation of your business. They ensure safety, reliability and standardisation, therefore regular maintenance is priority, keeping downtime to a minimum.

An efficient maintenance routine can minimise the chances of door and dock leveller repairs, costing you a lot of money or knocking out your operations for a long period of time. It also increases efficiency and reliability of your opera3on, extends equipment life and lessens wear and tear, and reduces the chances of malfunction.

Dock levellers

Maintaining your dock leveller may seem like a minor thing, but failure to keep up with maintenance of this piece of equipment is dangerous. It could shut down your facility, which would end up costing you much more than the cost for regular upkeep.

Periodical maintenance on dock levellers and industrial doors is necessary to avoid long-term damage and to idenify and address any issues early on.


Before Maintenance


After Maintenance

The benefits of planned maintenance include:

  • Safer work environment
  • Increase operational efficiency/reliability
  • Extend the life of your equipment
  • Reduce equipment malfunctions
  • Decrease costly down3me
  • Decrease long-term repair expenses
  • Priority scheduling for service

Industrial Doors

Regular maintenance of your industrial doors will ensure that you stay open for

Your operations rely on your sectional doors and high speed doors to be working optimally at all times.

With a regular service and maintenance plan this can be achieved.

Interior sectional doors

5 Steps to Thorough Evaluation for Proper Maintenance of your Equipment:



Technicians thoroughly clean equipment and components to ensure longer life and a more efficient workplace. Prevents dirt and debris from clogging working parts and causing premature wear.


Technicians apply correct lubricants in proper places to ensure equipment works efficiently. This means downtime is reduced since components are protected from wear, moisture and corrosion.


All necessary components are adjusted properly to make sure equipment works smoothly and consistently.Equipment that is improperly adjusted can waste time and create hazards.


Technicians thoroughly inspect loading dock equipment and are trained to bring small problems to your attention before they become big issues. Predictive maintenance solutions are offered as needed.


We provide documentation to show service work that has been completed and to indicate areas of problems, saving you potential headaches down the line.