Our complete product range includes specialised options to meet the entrance needs for the back and interior of any manufacturing facility. Our doors separate environments throughout the building. They can minimize contamination risks in cleanroom environments, maintain temperatures and safeguard food products in cold storage areas, and protect workers and equipment in busy, high traffic areas.

Our product range features overhead sectional doors, as well as docking solutions for loading bays. Sectional doors are built to the highest standards, with 42mm thick sandwich panels, providing excellent insulation and wind resistance. There is also the glazed door option which is ideal for showrooms or where visibility and daylight is necessary.

There are various high-performance door models for different applications. They operate with lightning-fast opening and closing speeds, that provide a smooth flow of people and goods. 

Maxiflex offers products that can give you significant energy savings. Good seal reduces air infiltration and the option for insulation further controls environments. The benefits of automation, including safe and effortless flow of vehicles, goods and people, make quality entrance solutions ideal for reducing the high energy costs associated with large manufacturing facilities.