Distribution & Logistics

“Fresh food, dry boxes or sensitive materials – all types of goods benefit from fast and efficient loading and unloading”

Making docking quick and easy. There are many different solutions for various building designs or traffic intensity. Dock levellers, dock shelters and loadhouses can be adjusted for your specific business.

Dock Levellers bridge the gap between truck floor and loading bay. The choice of dock leveller should be based on your daily business, for example, building design, traffic intensity, type of vehicles, bed heights, and the handling equipment used for loading and unloading.

A Dock shelter is the solution for improved energy-savings and working conditions. The shelter seals off the vehicle, giving weather protection during the loading and unloading process. The dock shelter provides improved working conditions and reduces the draught into the building.

For a complete energy-efficient solution the loadhouse combines shelter, leveller and door in one.