Cold Storage

When deciding on industrial doors and loading dock equipment for cold storage facilities, the main features to look out for are seals preventing any air exchange around the door and in between the door panels. The dock leveller should be designed in such a way that there are minimal gaps allowing cold air to escape the building. Docking accessories such as cushion seals or shelters should fit snug around the truck also preventing any loss of cold air from the building during loading and unloading.

The ideal solution for cold store facilities is a Loadhouse. A loadhouse is a complete loading platform and is the most energy efficient solution, incorporating leveller, shelter and door for a complete loading bay unit.

When you install a loadhouse, your entire loading bay sits outside of your main building, which increases energy efficiency. With the dock leveller outside the building you limit the amount of air exchange that takes place during loading. With a loadhouse you reduce the risk of air exchange, which is particularly important at cold storage distribution centers.

The other benefits of loadhouses are an increase in hygiene and maximizing space in the building. The space under a dock leveller can be a shelter for pests and for dirt to build up. With the leveller being outside the building you prevent the ingress of dirt and pests into the building, and by moving the loading process from inside the warehouse to outside you immediately free up space in the warehouse