Keep employees safe by controlling office hygiene with door automation and touchless switches from Maxiflex

slidding doors - 200ko

Companies can protect the health of their employees by curtailing the spread of bacteria, germs and viruses like COVID-19 through automating their doors and installing touchless switches. With Maxiflex’s range of door automation systems and touchless activators, doors can be opened and closed without requiring any physical contact on door or door handle surfaces. In … Read more

Maxiflex delivers door solutions for Southern Hemisphere’s largest independent fresh-produce retail store


The exceptional sealing and insulation qualities of Maxiflex’s electrically operated sectional doors, swing lip dock levellers and strip curtains streamline traffic flow and deliver uncompromising temperature control critical for keeping fresh produce fresh and preventing product spoilage at Evergreens Fresh Market in Kempton Park, Johannesburg.

Recycling Rebate


Replace your worn strips with Maxiflex and we’ll give you R2/kg! How it works: On delivery/collection of a new strip order, Maxiflex will take worn strips and have them weighed at our factory. We will arrange to have the material recycled. Your rebate will reflect on your next order of replacement strips. Better for you … Read more

Maxiflex opens the door to modernity and security for students


12 June 2019 Students living at the stylish and secure My Domain student apartments in Cape Town enjoy easy, safe access to their underground parking bays thanks to the innovative high-speed door from Maxiflex. Featuring study areas, recreational spaces as well as a fitness centre, this designer facility offers students an ideal balance between academic … Read more

Service & Maintenance


For optimum performance and to extend the life of your car, it is recommended to have routine services done and change parts when required.

Maxiflex’s capabilities now extended to underground ventilation mine doors

Ventilation Mine door Resized images_0000_American Mine Door

14 June 2019 Maxiflex is proud to introduce an innovative and robust range of underground ventilation mine doors to valued customers in Southern Africa’s mining sector. Mine sustainability hinges not only on meeting production levels but also on maintaining high safety standards. Subsequently, this industry is relentless in its efforts to find solutions to create … Read more

Safer and more efficient automated manufacturing processes with machine protection doors from Maxiflex


12 June 2019 Cutting-edge machine protection doors from renowned industrial door and loading dock solutions specialist, Maxiflex, are specially designed to improve safety, productivity and efficiency on automated manufacturing processes and production lines. Integrated into the automated manufacturing process, these innovative doors facilitate the rapid switch from complete isolation of the production stage to unimpeded … Read more