Welding Screen with PVC Protection Sheet

New improved modular design can be arranged as corners or cubicles

Protection screens protect personnel from sparks, splashes and welding flash. With excellent two-way vision through the near-transparent sheet or strips,  allows for maximum visibility which is needed for safety and supervisory reasons.

Standard Features:

  • The frame is made of galvanised steel
  • Wheels

Options available on request:

  • Different sizes
  • Welding strips in red or green
  • Powder coated frame in yellow or black



Welding Screen with PVC Protection Sheet


  • Use as a single screen or an arrangement of partitions to create corners or cubicles.
  • The feet are positioned away from the ends of the frame which gives excellent stability and allows the frames to be placed together at 90° angles without leaving a dangerous gap.
  • Self Assembly – Protection screens are supplied in kit form with simple assembly instructions
  • Easy to install


Protection sheet

  • Prevents ark eye
  • Filters damaging UV light
  • Tested at 300-360nm – transmission “nil”


  • welding safety screen
  • noise reduction screen
  • grinding screen
  • wind barrier

Welding Screen with PVC Protection Sheet