Thermoteck Roller Shutter Doors

Due to the space-saving roller technology and the hard-wearing roller door curtain, Teckentrup Thermoteck Roller Shutters are particularly suitable for use in high and especially wide door openings that have to withstand harsh conditions.

Thanks to the flexible design concept, all individual requirements can be met, even in the tightest of spaces. Owing to the optimum cross-sectional dimensions, the special ThermoTeck sections can be wound up very tightly, thus protecting the door surface, saving space and keeping noise levels to a minimum.

  • Excellent profile choices
  • Robust and attractive design for reliable everyday use
  • Flexible roller shutter curtain can yield and spring back

Thermoteck Roller Shutter Doors

Difference between normal roller door and Thermoteck Highspeed Roller Shutter Door

Thermoteck Roller Shutter Doors