Swingflex Doors

  • The Flexible Impact door offers value at an economical price.
  • Improve the work place enviroment by preventing draughts from outside
  • Reduce Energy costs


Perfect for enclosing doorways where Traffic flow is of utmost importance.

Medium-duty doors open with a gentle push and close automatically, ensuring a constant enviroment by reducing droughts, noise levels and preventing heat/cold loss.

It is supported by corrosion-free, galvanised steek sections, mounted to an anchored frame, designed to absorbed the shock loads which occur. The consealed torsion spring mechanism with double action closers is externally adjustable and central position adjustment is also provided.

  • Suitable for push-carts, pedestrians and motorised pallet traffic and slow speed, man ridden vehicles.
  • Extra bumpers are optional
  • Designed for door openings up to  3 x 3 m (H& W)
  • Clear PVC sheets of different thickness are available.


Retail stores, restaurants, pharmacies, convenience stores, processing plants, factories.

Swingflex Doors