Standard Ribbed Clear 300mm x 3mm

Durable ribbed material reduces scratching from loads passing through the opening. Designed for heavy-duty, high-traffic applications.

300mm x 3mm PVC material is ideal for strip curtains for pedestrian or light motorised traffic and is suitable for use in temperatures between -15°C and +50°C.

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Standard Ribbed Clear 300mm x 3mm
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PVC Strip sizes 200mm x 2mm, 300mm x 3mm, 400mm x 4mm
Min/Max operating temperatures -15℃ – +50℃
Features: Transparency/clarity
Noise insulation
Thermal Insulation
Easy to replace
High resistance to chemicals
Environment friendly and recyclable
Impact & Scratch Resistant
Long Durability

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Standard Ribbed Clear 300mm x 3mm