Fully Glazed Sectional Door


Let more light in with the attractive, fully-glazed ASSA ABLOY OH1042FG overhead sectional door.

Fully Glazed Sectional Door

The fully-glazed overhead sectional door ASSA ABLOY OH1042FG is a fully-glazed door, designed to be used when there is a need for light, exposure, or vision.

Typical applications are show-rooms, fire stations, or other applications where optimal daylight inlet and/or exposure possibilities are desirable. The aluminium frames of the ASSA ABLOY OH1042FG fully-glazed overhead sectional door are anodized or painted.

The panels are fully glazed, giving the door a modern, attractive and unique appearance. The overhead sectional door slides up under the roof when opened, allowing free space around the door opening and leaving it completely free.

Safety compliance The ASSA ABLOY OH1042FG fully-glazed overhead sectional door is designed to meet all operational and safety requirements in the European Directives and the standards issued by the European Standardisation Committee, CEN.

Fully Glazed Sectional Door