EOD – Edge of Dock

Experience the ease of logistics management with our Edge of Dock, simplifying every step of your workflow.

  • The edge of dock levellers are used for low duty, light loading or smaller vehicles
  • The range above and below neutral height is small as this unit is intended for use when vehicles and dock heights are closely matched.
  • For maximum protection, the heavy duty laminated bumpers on either side of the unit stops the vehicle from reversing into the unit and damaging it
  • Service and maintenance intervals are very low.
  • No warehouse space is lost since the unit is fitted outside the building.

EOD – Edge of Dock

Transforming the logistics landscape, our Edge of Dock solution seamlessly bridges the gap
between your vehicles and the warehouse floor, ensuring loading and offloading processes are both simpler and safer.

Similar to traditional dock levellers, our Edge of Dock system eliminates the need for costly civil work or excavation. Installed directly onto the bay’s edge, it optimizes space utilisation without sacrificing functionality.

Streamlining operations, our Edge of Dock solution saves valuable time and effort during loading and unloading tasks. With manual height control, they offer ease of operation for your staff.

Adaptable to various scenarios, our Edge of Dock is designed to meet diverse logistical requirements with ease. Whether it’s a tight space or a bustling warehouse, our solutions deliver efficiency and convenience.

EOD – Edge of Dock