Polar Ribbed Clear 300mm x 3mm

Polar PVC is recommended for many low-temperature applications like cooling rooms, cold storage, refrigerated trucks, restaurants, dairy chillers and any foodservice environments where it is heavy-duty.

300mm x 3mm PVC material is ideal for strip curtains for pedestrian or light motorised traffic and is suitable for use in temperatures between -25°C and +30°C.

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Polar Ribbed Clear 300mm x 3mm
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Commonly used in low-temperature applications as the added plasticisers in the Polar PVC ensures that flexibility is maintained in this harsh environment. Strips stay flexible, resist breaking and cracking whether it be an inside or outside application.

PVC Strip sizes 300mm x 3mm
Min/Max operating temperatures -25℃ + 30℃
Features: Transparency/clarity
Noise insulation
Thermal Insulation
Easy to replace
High resistance to chemicals
Environment friendly and recyclable
Impact & Scratch Resistant
Long Durability

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Polar Ribbed Clear 300mm x 3mm