Maxiflex opens the door to modernity and security for students


12 June 2019

Students living at the stylish and secure My Domain student apartments in Cape Town enjoy easy, safe access to their underground parking bays thanks to the innovative high-speed door from Maxiflex.

Featuring study areas, recreational spaces as well as a fitness centre, this designer facility offers students an ideal balance between academic and social life. With residents’ safety as a central focus, My Domain provides round-the-clock security through biometric access, CCTV cameras, etc.

With emphasis on safety also extended to the facility’s underground parking bay which houses approximately 60 vehicles, a door was required that would secure the parking bay for the safety of the students and their vehicles while also delivering seamless and reliable operation.

“Our RR3000R high-speed door model from the ASSA ABLOY stable presented the ultimate heavy-duty security solution for this application,” states Maxiflex Managing Director, Bram Janssen. “The high-performance door perfectly combines aesthetics and style with reliability and security to fit in with My Domain’s modern architecture. In addition, the rugged door effortlessly meets the demands typical of a high traffic area, reliably operating at very high cycles per hour ensuring that the safety of the students is maintained.” The high-speed door is fitted with an MCC frequency converter control that aids high opening and closing speeds of up to 2.0 / 0.6 m/s and a quiet, low-wear motion sequence.

The high-speed door’s exceptional capabilities include clear window slats incorporated into the door curtain which gives students a clear view of the outside to detect any possible threats to their safety. Emphasising its safety-centric design, the high-speed door features numerous safety devices including a contact-free pre-running safety photocell and a door line photocell that prevents the door from closing when there are people or objects in the closing plane.

With size dimensions of 6000 x 3000 mm, the ASSA ABLOY RR3000R high-speed door is ideal for use in locations where reduced space is required over the lintel. The robust high-speed door features self-supporting galvanized steel-edged side frames. The door’s anodized aluminum lamella door curtain is connected by flexible wear-less heavy belts that wind up without contacting each other ensuring extended life cycle. These unique design features deliver an extremely long service life coupled with low maintenance needs.

During a power failure the door can be opened manually with the brake release handle by a spring system in the side frames. With class 3 – 4 (EN 12424) wind resistance, the high-speed door is unaffected by Cape Town’s notoriously strong winds. The door is also able to operate hassle-free in extreme temperatures ranging from −20°C to +60°C.

The owner of My Domain, Theo Soeker praised the smoothness, speed, aesthetics and security capabilities of the ASSA ABLOY high-speed door. He was also highly impressed by the quick response displayed by the after-sales support of the Maxiflex Western Cape team in addressing any concerns with the doors.

“As a door and docking solutions specialist, we strive to offer modern, cutting-edge door solutions and we are particularly proud of this installation and our sales team did a great job in specifying the correct product for this application; it assists our customer in providing a student-centred experience at My Domain where students can live and study secure in the knowledge that their vehicles and themselves are well protected,” concludes Janssen.