Brrr it’s cold in here – Maxiflex cold storage solutions

Focused on maintaining constant temperatures for the cold chain industry, Maxiflex offers superior-quality industrial doors and dock loading equipment ideally suited to cold storage and freezer environments. As a local industry pioneer, the company is dedicated to providing entrance solutions which seal in the chill to prevent product spoilage and contamination whilst enabling customers to enjoy seamless operation.

“Our comprehensive range of door and dock loading solutions has been designed and developed to comply with both international specifications as well as the stringent requirements of cold rooms and cold storage and logistics facilities,” notes Bram Janssen, Managing Director of Maxiflex. “With climate temperatures rising, it is crucial to provide customers with innovative, insulated, well-sealed entrance systems which include high-speed doors, insulated sectional doors, dock levellers and loadhouses.”

Maxiflex’s door solutions have earned the reputation of being synonymous with quality, flexibility, efficiency and safety. Key features such as insulation and seals that prevent air exchange around the door, in between the door panels and around the dock leveller, contribute to optimal door performance. Proudly holding the title as the first company to bring high-speed doors to the South African market, Maxiflex provides high-speed freezer and insulated sectional doors, amongst other offerings, from ASSA ABLOY.

The state-of-the-art high-speed freezer doors enable the hassle-free, reliable operation and an extended life-cycle. These high-speed doors offer prime sealing capabilities, opening and closing speeds of up to 2,4 m/s as well as higher cycles (>100/hour). Set to open every 20-25 minutes to thwart ice build-up on the curtain and side-guides, these energy-efficient freezer-doors enable proficient traffic flow and diminish temperature variations for regular interior climate control. According to Janssen, these reduced costs and enhanced efficiencies result in the lowest total cost of ownership and improved return on investment for customers.

The next innovation in the Maxiflex cold storage solutions portfolio, insulated sectional doors, are simple and quick to operate, reducing opening times and subsequently cold air losses. By functioning efficiently with less wear and tear, these correctly balanced, electrically operated doors also contribute to the decrease of damages caused by negligent operation.

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